Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Part time jobs in Kolkata

Are you looking for online job? Do you belongs to Kolkata? If yes then you can get part time jobs in your own City most of the company trying to get part time employee due to covid-19. There are many part time jobs available in Kolkata below are few jobs which students can do or housewife can also trying for this job.

Ad posting job: We all know about advertisement company they charge very huge amount for each advertisement platform where we can put our Ads for free only we required a part time employee who can continuously post the ad on that website. Wine at Posting job you will get advertisement detail from the company and you have to put the details in the different advertisement website.

Content writing job this job is one of the most respectable jobs in part time world writing job then you are totally safe hand because you will get paid for each article and you don't have to mesh for the work which you have done. Content writing is the safest online jobs and there are millions of people who are continuously doing freelance work for writing content.

Blog commenting job : Blog commenting job is just like content writing job but in this you don't have to required good communication skill. You need a basic English grammar so that you can comment on the articles which has been published by the company. You have to provide post comment on that article page so that customer can read the comments and book their services and products.

There are other Jobs available in in Kolkata too to continue reading Our article you will get all types of jobs some of the most are as follow sms sending jobs, blog commenting jobs, email sending jobs, ad posting jobs, data entry jobs, content writing jobs, blog writing jobs, copy paste jobs, form filling jobs